TRUST is on a mission to empower, educate, and elevate the South African dental industry. 
New dental practitioners straight out of university and even established practitioners, don’t always have a business qualification or the necessary clinical skills necessary to fulfill their potential as a dentist and a business owner. 
So, TRUST aims to close that gap – providing these professionals with the skills required to revamp or modernise their business, and their clinical offering, to elevate their customer experience and boost profitability.

TRUST will use the power of practical, hands-on experience to educate dental professionals (and their staff, including their marketing team) to do more than run a practice: they’ll create a brand. Knowledge-share sits at the heart of this. 
By embracing the latest technology and systems, not only will practices learn how to streamline their systems, they’ll be able to boost profits, strengthen their reputation, and grow the value of their business.

For example, a brand beyond a name can eventually be sold. This expertise equips those in the dental field to make money over and above their clinical Services. 
Ultimately, TRUST believes that every practice has something unique to offer its patients. It’s simply a matter of getting clear on exactly what that is and working with that to elevate their business and services. With years of practical, hands-on expertise in both the clinical and business fields, the founders of TRUST Dr Mark Bowes and Mrs Helen Bowes, believe that this 
knowledge should be accessible and used to empower practices to reach their 
full potential. With a special focus on Medical Aid practices, to help at grass root level in our unique country of South Africa.

Dr. Mark Bowes and Mrs. Helen Bowes Have successfully built and sold a number of high-value dental clinics in both London and Cape Town

Using the combined skills of Mark’s clinical excellence, lecturing and teaching, and Helen’s understanding of marketing, PR, brand building and positioning, as well as Human Resource Management, Customer Relations, Sales, and business strategy. We believe we can deliver a blueprint to all dental practices to help them succeed and grow their business. Each practice will be evaluated to discover unique selling points, as well as any business disadvantages (such as being located in more rural areas) to identify the best ways in which to help each practice grow in an organic way.

Helen Bowes
Founder & CEO
Dr Mark Bowes
Dr Mark Bowes
Co-Founder and Clinical Director